Saturday, March 20, 2010

I didn't make the little green apples, but I'm sure there is such a thing as Dr Seuss and Disneyland

This is the first completed apple for my tree (scroll down to WOYWW) - I have made 6 others but they don't have the stalks on yet.  there are leaves to be made too.  For an apple it makes a good cherry don't you think? hehe  It's made from felt including the stalk, well for those into felting I feel I have to say the outside layer is some synthetic fibre which you can't wet felt but you can needle-felt it (needle felt, needlefelt needle-felt - take your pick).I think the apple is fine but not sure about the placement of them on the tree as I may not actually make any mor so think the placement will be important as there will be so few.
I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you a felt vessel I'm making.  I did this in the early hours of the morning as I couldn't sleep, the only bit I've done today is the stitching on the rolled edge.  I think I finally dropped off about 6am! only to be woken by someone knocking on the d**n  door at 8am grrrrr!  I've stuffed it with paper to help shape it.  It needs a bit of embellishment yet.
If you don't understand the title but would like to know what I'm on about look here xx


Wipso said...

Really love your apple and the felt vessel is brill. I've not tried felting anything like that...yet :-)
A x

Micki said...

Love your felting project!

Gez said...

They both look fantastic.xx

Spyder said...

Anne you're lovely and I really think you are quite mad!! A felt apple/cherry for your lovely felt tree!! It all just amazes me! Don't forget to let us see it finished!! Ps...the Chinese ads are...ummm...welll....naughty!!! and the Russian ones...their links don't work!! but they aren't so naughty! I've turned my thingy off so they can't comment too

ps 'see' you Wednesday!!

Kathy said...

wow, your felt "stuff" is fab - love the apple and the "vessel" is looking amazing